“When people have passion for what they do, you can feel it. Their energy, their heart, it pours into their work, and seeps into the cracks and creates a glue, a magic, that fuses their work together. When a person loves something, its clear in the way they speak of it, their mannerism, you can feel it. That is the way I feel about this city. NYC is my soul, my heartbeat, it makes me feel alive. Come see what makes this city beautiful and special. It will take a hold of you, and never let go. I want to create and experience, for you to fall in love with the city and be a part of it’s magic. Come explore #likealocal, and fall in love with my home!”



About Your Tour Guide

Holly Mehedin Tour Guide ExtraordinaireHolly Mehedin has been living in NYC for 8 years now. Her love for New York started at a young age, when her parents brought her to NYC around Christmas time. There is nothing more magical than Christmas in NYC, and she was hooked.

A longtime dancer, her career brought Holly into the city several times a week from New Jersey, which led her to seeking out cool, off the beaten path places to explore while she was in town. That interest inspired her to move to NYC full time, and she has never looked back. NYC Streets, Eats and Treats was realized and Holly's true love of everything NYC is and has to offer can now be shared with anyone looking for an experience that allows you to see beyond the norm, find that hidden alley, and delve more into the eclectic side of NYC. Holly is the perfect guide to the history and culture that make up this wonderful city.

Holly has seen most of the city on foot through exploring and her adventures as a distance runner, and has completed the NYC Marathon three times! She can create a walking tour, but also can incorporate safe and scenic running routes, as well.

Holly's ability to seek out what is uniquely NYC, along with her obsession with food and sweets, makes her tours a mix of snacks, treats, and savory items, along with a laundry list of “must try” eateries.

NYC Streets, Eats and Treats tours are a mix of history, unique spots, and perfect picture opportunities. Filled with stories, fun, and charm, Holly turns touring the city into an event, and urges you to come explore the city “like a local”!