America runs on…..Coffee

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NYC runs on Dunkin.

And Starbucks.

Coffee in general.

Which isn’t surprising its called the city that never sleeps. With over 3,500 coffee shops in NYC, that’s a lot of Joe. And now, independent coffee shops are on the rise taking over New York despite the amount of Starbucks and Dunkin.

Specialty shops may be a little more pricy than your average Dunkin latte, but usually, the price tag is worth it. From unique atmospheres, to creative concepts, spending a few hours at one of these local shops is definitely more of an experience than just a cup of coffee.

So grab a cup, snuggle up, and check out some of my favorite finds for unique coffees in the city that never sleeps.

Probably because they’re too caffeinated 🙂

First, take a peek into this creative mix of flowers and coffee. Nestled in Midtown East, Just a few blocks away from Grand Central is Remi Flowers and Coffee. Part Flower shop, part coffee bar, the two blend seamlessly to create an uplifting experience. There are several small tables (and be forewarned, this place is definitely small. It is more of a local place than a hotspot.) that are completely surrounded by the bouquets and bundles of flowers. The Lattes are closer to works of art, and each takes time to create. You cannot just “grab and go”, but I promise its worth it.

Rose Latte

As you can see, color and flowers combine to make this gorgeous cup of coffee. I highly recommend the Rose, or Lavender, their unique flavors and incredible decorations make these more that just a drink. There are small bites here as well, and cater to every diet, with soy and Almond options, as well as gluten free treats. If you can grab a seat in the front window, you can slowly sip while people watching as well.

Next, stay on the East side, but take a trip down to 23rd Street and Park for Felix Roasting Co. This specialty shop is expansive, with its open layout and wide space. The tables are on the smaller side, but there are large banquettes in the back as well that provide comfortable seating. The place feels expansive, with a large coffee bar in the middle. While they have the standard coffee drinks, the real stars are their unique espresso drinks, Such as their hickory smoked S’mores latte. This drink is an experience, and watching them make it is just as much fun as drinking it. Set in a martini glass, covered in chocolate with a crispy perfectly toasted marshmallow, they infuse the entire drink with hickory smoke. Supermoon Bakery, which is a small bakery known for its creative croissants in the Lower East Side, provides treats here, so definitely settle down with a chocolate croissant. They have sweet and savory choices for every taste bud.

Next, We’re going to head on down to Union Square area, on 14th between 5th and 6th, for LRoom Café. A combination flower, coffee and dessert shop (are you sensing a trend?) this cute little place is perfect for your Instagram story. You can order drinks to go, but if you want to taste any of their specialty drinks, you have to sit at a table. The service is excellent, and all of the staff is pleasant. The atmosphere is calming and aesthetically pleasing, the drinks and food are like works of art, and it will soon become your favorite “sweet spot” in NYC. While it is on the pricy side, you are paying for the ambiance. They have a wide variety of drinks and teas, but my favorite is the Rose Honey Latte, better known as the “bling bling” latte. And for good reason. They infuse it with edible glitter, which makes for a spectacular, sparkly drink.

There is a wide variety of pastries and sweets that all look just as good as they taste. They are definitely are a “share” item, as they are on the rich side! Definitely try the egg waffles, they are a delicious treat!

A few of my other favorites in the city are Matto….which has several locations spread around Manhattan. I’m lucky enough that one is around the corner from my apartment..or unlucky……

They are known for their price tag, which is “everything is 2.00” You really cant argue with that, especially when they mean EVERYTHING. You can order coffees, lattes, cappuchinos, whatever you heart desires. However, they also have a LARGE selection of snacks, pastries, doughnuts and lunch items. They also cater to many diets, and their Gluten Free Vegan Lemon Doughnuts are absolutely delicious!

Head to For Five Coffee as well, with several locations in the city, and if you stop by the one on 46th Street, be SURE to indulge in one of Duchess Cookies AMAZING stuffed cookies. They’re always baked fresh, they come warm, and breaking into them reveals aa delicious gooey center. Their Cookie Monster cookie is a lovely shade of purple/blue in honor of the monster himself 🙂

Gregorys Coffee is another chain local to NYC and NJ that makes my list. With several locations as well, their pastries and treats are chock full of healthy ingredients. They also cater to numerous dietary restrictions as well and have all sorts of fresh items baked daily by their team of bakers, and keep unique and exotic flavors on hand as well. They roast in Long Island, and their coffee always tastes fresh and delicious.

Obviously, this is just a TIP of the coffee block, chip off the old bean…:) And there are so many more great coffee places in the city. Which are your favorites? Any I should definitely check out?

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