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I’m sure you know where this is going. We all scream for ice cream! Summer in Manhattan can be a doozy. From the heat, crowded subways, the lovely scent of Manhattan summer streets……we all need a little pick me u from time to time.

One of the easiest ways to cool off on a hot summer day is ice cream. This list in no way the end all to the goods here in the city, but just some of my favorites! What are yours? Feel free to leave me some places to scope out in the comments!

Watermelon is one of my obsessions, so when Dominique Ansel Kitchen introcuded this last summer, I was beyond sad I missed it. This year however, they came back with a bang and introduced their two specialty flavors (watermelon and burrata) ALL SUMMER LONG. White it does seem a bit pricy, its definitely worth a visit, especially if you share!

Dominique Ansel Kitchen-137 7Th Ave S-www.DominiqueAnselKitchen.com

New Territories, tucked away on a nondescript side street, is a cute little shop that churns out some delicious looking shakes and sundaes that are perfectly instagram worthy. Their “bubble waffle” a signature treat in Hong Kong, are mixed perfectly with artisan ice cream flavors and delicious mix ins. Their earl grey ice cream SOUNDS unappealing, but early grey in ice cream form mixed with rose? Delicious. Definitely try one of their unicorn shakes, adorned with poxy sticks and a rainbow marshmallow!

190 Orchard St-www.newterritoriesnyc.com

One reason I always look forward to summer is Magnum. Their ice cream is in grocery stores nation wide, so you can always enjoy 365 days a year. However, every summer, the Magnum pop up opens…and it is a DELIGHT. Their motto “A day without pleasure is a day lost” is the perfect motto for this beautiful store. First off, you get to design your own bar, picking from three flavors, a multitude of toppings, drizzle, you name it. Each creation is unique, and of course they even have boxes so you can instagram your creations. This is always a kid favorite too, a great place to take the young ones!

132 Spring St-www.magnumicecream.com

A lovely new experience in the meatpacking district, Sherry B Dessert Studio is a must try. You’ll feel right at home from the moment you step inside, where their helpful employees are more than willing to go through the menu with you. Their grown up ice cream sandwiches are to die for, and come in a multitude of flavors. Their ice cream (often infused with alcohol, glitter and bits of candy or chocolate) is sandwiched between delicious cakes in delectable flavors. They also do cookie ice cream sandwiches, in between their fresh baked cookies. (Dont skip out on their alcohol infused marshmallows, even though TECHNICALLY…theyre not ice cream.)

643 Hudson St-www.sherryb.com

Tipsy Scoop-For the  alcohol obsessed, Tipsy Scoops claim to fame is their alcohol infused ice cream. Their cocktail list, which consists of flavors infused with tequila, bourbon, vodka, and wine, are a standout. You can order in “flights” which consist of mini samples of four flavors but be forwarned, you cant stop at just one. Be sure to bring a few friends to try them all. Every season they do a Specialty flavor, which usually consists of some sort of frose, or white peach sangria, or something equally delicious. Its welll worth a visit, but make sure you are 21!

217 E 26th St.-www.tipsyscoop.com

Obviously, there are a MILLION delicious places to grab a cone and this list is not even close to all of them. Its simply a small sampling, and dont worry, we will keep the suggestions flowing!



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