Rainbows, Unicorns, and PRIDE..oh MY!

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One of the most FUN times of the year in NYC is Pride. During the month of June, everyone comes together to celebrate with more rainbows, glitter and sass than thought possible to cram onto one small island.

One of MY favorite parts of pride is the food. Just about everyone joins in, and comes up with a special dish, dessert, drink, sweet…you name it. The city is NO stranger to what I call “pride treats”, and here I have listed several of my favorites. This is by NO means a full list, but, if you are looking to start tackling hitting them all, its a good place to start! Keep follow us on Instagram and twitter for daily updates as this list grows!

First up, one of my favorites and a staple on my list. I believe this started my rainbow treats obsession a few years back and is always one of my first stops. Citycakes, a tiny (and yes, it is TINY!) underground bakery in Chelsea, is known for their “rainbowdoodle” cookies. Their twist on a sugar/snickerdoodle cookie, this 1/2 pound rainbow delight is soft, delicious, and perfect for sharing. Not that you’ll want to. And, as always citycakes gives back. $1 from each cookie sold goes to NYC Anti Violence, so your treat does more than just taste good, it also DOES good! They also have their rainbow Almond Cupcake, which is a twist on the classic rainbow cookie!

Find them on 18th St, between 7th and 8th Ave, and online @citycakes

My latest find is one that you can hit right before or after citycakes. Right around the corner is Empire Cake, and be sure to follow them on social media, because every day they announce their Pride Treat! Quantities are limited, so, be sure to get in early so you don’t miss them! I stopped by the other day and was able to try both the rainbow snack cake and their rainbow Sugar cookies. These also helped support The Human Rights Campaign, so I felt good swapping up six of them! Their Snack Cakes are DELICIOUS, so even if you miss their pride version, I HIGHLY recommend their peanut butter/chocolate one as well! Be sure to take a peek at their World Pride cake, a delightful twirling mix of rainbows and unicorns, all decked out for World Pride!

You can find them right on 8th Ave between 15th and 16th, St, or online at @empirecake

If you are still in the mood to keep walking, head on up to 23rd St, where Big Booty Bread Co. lives. Gawk at their amazing window display, and then stop in for a beautifully decorated Pride cookie or cupcake! Their pride heart sugar cookie is perfect for sharing (again, who wants to share?) and is loaded with icing, (I hate when they skimp on icing!) making it perfectly balanced with equal parts cookie and icing. This is a new stop for me, and a lot of their treats looked outstanding, as well as their watermelon mint lemonade! That sounds perfect for a hot summer day! Their customer service was on point and very friendly, and Ill be back.

You can find them on 23rd St, between 7th and 8th, or online @bigbootybakery! (Side note. directly down the street is the Donut Plant, which usually does a pride donut as well. I havent been there this year yet, so I cannot confirm this!)

Next up. A hidden gem. Twice a week I have to walk from Penn Station to GCT, and I try and take a different street every day to mix it up. I stumbled upon this adorable little bakery, stuffed in midtown amidst construction, hotels and NYC apparel stores. Tucked away on 38th, appropriately named New York Sweets is an adorable little coffee/pastry/sweet shop that is too cute for words. Their décor reminds me of an old school penny candy shop. The cute little seating area is reminiscent of a picnic in the park complete with twinkling stars hanging overhead. I stopped by after stalking their Instagram for their raspberry rainbow bar. While they didn’t have any on display, be sure to ask because they were happy to provide. This six layer cake is light and fluffy, and the raspberry jelly on top was the perfect complement. a DEFINITE visit!!

You can find them on 38th st, between 7th and 6th ave, or online @newyork_sweets!

The West Village is Pride Central. Obviously home to the famous Stonewall Inn, this neighborhood wouldn’t be complete without a plethora of rainbow treats. Who doesn’t remember scraping the bowl of cookie dough as a kid? Well Cookie Do took it to the next level, featuring over 10 different concoctions of edible cookie dough, as well as many mix ins and colorful cones. Of course, they outdid themselves for pride, featuring their Rainbow Do. A delicious sugar cookie batter, colored for pride!

You can find them right on LaGuardia place at the bottom of Washington Sq Park, and online at @cookiedonyc

Also in the West Village is Sweet Corner Bakeshop. While they are known for their amazing Nutella Desserts (Their Nutella stuffed hearts around Valentines day are LOVE.) They do a DELICIOUS six layer cake with rainbow stripes. Their creamy icing and most cake make this a standout in the village, and one to look forward to every year!

You can find them on Hudson St, on the corner of Charles and Hudson, or online, @sweetcornernyc

We must not forget the deliciousness of Cupcakes. Billys bakery (which has multiple locations, and their Tribeca location is part of our Tribeca tour, so be sure to check that out!) They have put together a pride cupcake, featuring either chocolate or vanilla icing (they call it “Yellow Daisy” which to me, makes it sound all the better!) they are garnished with candy hearts and sprinkles, making it the perfect treat for love! These treats are only available by special order, but don’t let that deter you from stopping into their shop, because the rest of their treats are JUST as divine! (I highly recommend their snickerdoodle sandwich cookie, which are absolutely DIVINE!)

You can find them on the upper west side, Columbus Ave, between 79th and 80th St, Tribeca on 75 Franklin St, or in the Plaza Food Hall. Online, look them up @billysbakerynyc

Magnolia is a common name in NYC. Most people have heard of this staple bakery in the city, and it is probably one of the most frequented. For that reason, it isn’t usually on my radar, but I happened to stop by due to their “pride” sign in the window! They have a great many Pride cakes, as well as several cupcakes, cookies and other treats. However, I went with the Banana Pudding, the “pride” version of such, and it was delicious. Their banana pudding is something that they are known for, and I actually let a bunch of my students taste test this with me. As we know, kids are ROUGH critics, and half of them didn’t even want to try it. After a little bit of peer pressure, I can assure you that this delicious treat scored a 10 out of 10 with the young uns, as well as the adults. Their customer service is also outstanding, and the darling cashier who helped me even added extra sprinkles to my batch! Hows that for celebrating Pride??

Magnolia has several locations sprinkled throughout the city, in many notable locations. There is one in Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Rockefeller Center, and Bloomingdales as well as the west village and upper west side. You can find them online at @magnoliabakery

One of the newest locations for delicious treats happens to be found in Hudson Yards. A GORGEOUS shopping center recently opened (Which also houses the Vessel, which is well worth a climb!) right alongside the river. It is home to a multitude of shops, restaurants and exhibits, all designed to start building up the area between Penn station and Port Authority. (check out Legacy Records and Ada’s Place for a great restaurant and bar in this area.) But alas, this post is about William Greenberg desserts. Their Pride cupcakes and pride black and white cookies are what were blogging about! Coming in six colors, you can either get one giant cookie for $4, or else a little mini version for $2. MY advice, stock up on the mini and get one of each color. The go do a cool photoshoot n front of the Vessel with friends) The cookies were delicious, and exactly as a black and white should be, although in this case, a rainbow and white would be more accurate!

You can find them at Hudson Yards on the third floor, and online at @wgbergdesserts

Last but not least, is a treat dedicated to the vegans out there! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about those with dietary restrictions! Stop by Sweets by Chloe in the West Village for their Pride cupcake. This funfetti cupcake is loaded with an OUTSTANDING amount of icing, and sugar crystal sprinkles. I must say, I am a fan of Chloes Food, but these cupcakes were TOP NOTCH! The icing was delicious, and although I am not vegan, I would definitely keep coming back for seconds! And as many of the Pride treats are, you purchase helps support LGBTQ causes!! Its a win win.

You can find them in the West Village on Bleeker Street, as well as online @eatbychloe

So while this is NOT an all inclusive list, and I haven’t hit up HALF of what I wanted to yet, its a good place for you to get started! AS it gets closer to pride, and pride weekend itself, many local business will be rolling out special menus and drinks and such. Keep following us on Instagram and facebook for updates and news of business to support throughout this month!

Happy Pride!!

Sing for hopes Pride Piano as seen in Christopher Park outside Stonewall Inn!

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